The Ambidextral Rifleman

The Ambidextral Rifleman available now on Kindle and print
The Ambidextral Sheepdog video
Living on the Raggedy Edge YouTube channel (on becoming a permanent traveler and adventurer.  Living like a Freeman.  Earning and investing. 

Topics Covered in The Ambidextral Rifleman

Advanced warfare teams are generally ambidextrous. Paintball (XBall style) competitors are almost always ambidextrous. The reason? The first rule of gun fighting is “do not become a casualty”...and for hunters: “do not be spotted.”

The Ambidextrous Rifleman:

  • Safety...explained a bit differently
  • Why become an ambidextral rifleman?
  • Other Ambidextral Sports
  • Appleseed Marksmanship Clinic
  • The dominant eye is the obstacle
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • The Transition
  • The Ideal Ambidextrous Rifle
  • Equipment for the Ambidextral Rifleman
  • and more...

About The Author

Mark A Laughlin is also the author of The Philosophy in Defense of Firearms. Something of an adventurer he raced motocross for nine years, lived aboard a sailboat for ten years, played on the Dogs of Worr paintball team, worked as a web developer during the Dot Com boom, and was one of the Founders of the Free State Wyoming Project.