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The Ambidextral Gunfighter shows how anyone can become ambidextrous.

AmbGun Concerto: Every Clip has a Purpose

(besides meshing with the soundtrack)
Every clip has a purpose in this Ambidextral Gunfighter Run 'n Gun montage.
Use of terrain for steadiest hold Misuse of cover Balance for diving One handed to deal with obstacles Left and right transitions Paintball Roots One handed to deal with balance One handed to handle baseball slide Tunnel vision Bindon Aiming Concept Working Reset Gun flat for diving into cover Respiratory Pause Diving into cover Rice Paddy prone, squatting Long Range DOPE Thumbs forward grip Balance for one handed rifle Squared up to threat Respiratory pause, reset Follow target to ground Muzzle flash in low light Left hand primary Thumbs Forward on Micro Both eyes open Transition behind cover to train eyes MDR left right transition method Balance for one hand climbing Balance for climbing a ladder. Baseball slide Ambi selector switch Data on Personal Equipment Optic vs bore axis Right hand, sub-compact Deployment from sling carry Hasty sling NPOA shift Balance for one handed rifle drag Jasper Zeroing Rifle Left hand point to right hand sighted AQT left and right Free range Vicki Left hand, sub-compact Turkey neck cheek weld Gun up thru cover Ergo bolt release Communicate Handgun recoil management/grip slipCoordinate Escape from Tarkov AR mag change Wyoming, lower cortisol levels MDR bolt release ergos MDR rapid fire AR mag change (beep is MDR time) Airsoft for backyard ambi point shooting Paintball airfield ambidextrous lessons Ambidextral Gunfighter Proving Grounds Cheek slap AQT sitting stage Imperial Age
Firearms in order of appearance: Desert Tech MDR Walther PPQ M1 Classic Bravo Company RECCE HK VP9 FN FNS9c Springfield Armory Hellcat Kel-Tec PF9 Marlin 45-70 Guide Gun Kel-Tec SU16c