Ambidextral Rifle

Weapons Development

Our next generation rifle must be ambidextrous friendly.

Bullpup X The Next Generation Squad Weapon

The Next Gen GunfighterLessons from paintballAmbidextrousCover and concealmentTerrain Steady Hold Factors and NPOAMobilitySnap and pivot inertiaOne handed carbineDiving for coverNon-fighting movement and mobility
Training the Ambidextral GunfighterEliminating eye dominanceEyes openFrom close behind cover to without coverBindon Aiming ConceptBrain mirrors skills when controls perfectly mirroredMirrored steady hold factor formTransitionsPhysiological reactions to threatsCrouchFocus on threat tunnel vision, auditory exclusionHeart rate and coarse muscle controlConvulsive gripBreaking out of physiological reaction
The NGSW CarbinePerfect ambi mirroring of controlsAmbi friendly case ejectionA crisp 5# right hand trigger vs gritty 15# leftOptimal Barrel lengthOptimal overall lengthTighter to coverSnap shootingWeight. Rounds per ounceTerminal ballistics per ounceWeight distributionMuzzle bouyancy (diving and one handed operation)Efficient controlsMalfunction handlingChamber status
Specific Bullpup Carbine ReviewAmbi mirroringCase ejectionSize & WeightMuzzle bouyancyUse with shooter slingField position accuracy AQTReliability and malfunction handlingField stripping and sparesBackpack scabbard vs carry slingAs blunt force WeaponMounting of opticTurkey neck eye reliefLow light muzzle flash
MDR after three days at the Ambidextral Gunfighter proving grounds.

ACOG Mounting Nuts

Getting rid of the massive thumb nuts on the ACOG mounting base. An Ambidextral Gunfighter Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome project.
Big ACOG mounting nuts obstruct ambidextrous operations.Castrating the ACOG

The Pinnacle of the Stoner Design...BCM

The pinnacle of the Stoner design, the BCM RECCE, made ambidextral gunfighter friendly.

Project Appleseed Liberty Training Rifle

Review of the Ruger 10/22 Collector's Series 2nd Edition

Early Ambi

Early in my ambi advocacy, the Mini 14
I really like the Ruger Mini-14's perfectly mirrored safety (i.e., it works exactly the same left or right). Same for the mag release. Charging handle is no ambi, but that is not as critical as the other controls.
Some early ambi run 'n gun videos.
Doing the Army Qualification Test shooting half left handed, half right using the Henry lever action 22.