Second Edition

Advanced warfare teams are generally ambidextrous.

Paintball (XBall style) competitors are almost always ambidextrous.

The reason? The first rule of gun fighting is “do not become a casualty”...and for hunters: “do not be spotted.”

  • Safety...explained a bit differently
  • Why become an ambidextral rifleman?
  • Other Ambidextral Sports
  • Appleseed Marksmanship Clinic
  • The dominant eye is the obstacle
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • The Transition
  • The Ideal Ambidextrous Rifle
  • Equipment for the Ambidextral Rifleman
  • and more...
About The AuthorMark A Laughlin is also the author of The Philosophy in Defense of Firearms. Something of an adventurer he raced motocross for nine years, lived aboard a sailboat for ten years, played on the Dogs of Worr paintball team, worked as a web developer during the Dot Com boom, is a "red hat" instructor for Project Appleseed, an avid mountain biker, and was one of the Founders of the Free State Wyoming Project.