Arms for the Micro Nova

Micro Nova?

12,000 Year Cycle playlist
by Suspicious Observers
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Arms for the Micro Nova - Hunting and Self Defense

Arms for the Micro Nova playlist (30 key videos)
The Ambidextral Gunfighter (the why, how, and what of becoming ambidextrous)

Ambidextral Gunfighter Store for firearms related products.

Knowledge for the Micro Nova

Tools for the Micro Nova

Heirloom Seeds
Bow Saw
Wood Splitting Axe
Shovel and Pickaxe probably two of the most important tools for Micro Nova Day
Wood Stove
Paring Knife for food processing and self defense

Tomahawk for the field and self defense.

Protect your hands and feet from injury where there is limited medical/trauma care
Utility flashlight that is not so bright as to draw unwanted attention. USB rechargeable batteries to interface with Solar charge controller.
One of the most versatile means of transportation and one that is unaffected by CME's and EMP's.