To: A Vietnamese-American Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous <>

From: Gerald L. Atkinson <>

Subject: "Be Not Afraid" -- An Essay Especially for You

Date: 23 February 2001


This is in reply to several of your e-mails to me, starting on 29 February 2000 concerning the topic of the 'feminization' of the U.S. military. You replied to an essay that addressed the 'ongoing' difference of opinion I had with COL Joseph Collins of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and his report, 'American Military Culture in the 21st Century.'

Your first contact appeared to show some interest in the topic. You wrote, "I don't know how I got on your email list - but check out my site at:"

I did so, and expressed my admiration for your life story as expressed therein. "When ‘Anonymous’ came to the United States as a political refugee from war-torn Vietnam, his family had nothing...‘Anonymous’ arrived in the U.S. as the Vietnam War drew to a close in 1975, a 10-year-old boy accompanied by his mother and three sisters. His father, who flew fighters as a lieutenant colonel in the South Vietnamese Air Force, was forced to remain in North Vietnamese labor camps for 13 years before finally rejoining his family in the United States...[‘Anonymous’] attributes much of his success to his early mastery of communications skills. 'If you're a great speaker in this country, you can go very far -- in entertainment, in the military, or in business.'"

Your Web Site goes on to explain, "‘Anonymous’ is living proof. He began at the beginning, by learning a new language. But it would pay off. After graduating from the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in economics and gaining full citizenship, he fulfilled his childhood dream of serving in the military. As a competent communicator, he presented himself confidently in the Marines Corps where he flew assault support helicopters in the Persian Gulf War and in Somalia. He also attracted much public attention as a motivational speaker and commentary writer with the unique perspective of being one of the few Vietnamese-born U.S. Marines."

Your Web Site then goes on to explain how, after a seven-year tour of military duty, you built a career in the pharmaceutical industry. I commended you on both your beginnings and success in your entrepreneurial adventure -- the spirit that built American economic greatness.

But, then, I asked how you, an ex-Marine support helicopter pilot, ever got on my Skyhawk Pilot and Top Gun lists, given that the first organization was comprised of pilots who had actually flown the A4 Skyhawk and the second list was comprised of the Navy/Marine Corps premiere fighter pilots.

Afterwards, I received e-mails from you requesting that your name be removed from those lists. In addition, you wrote,


>...and frankly, some of the emails are not tasteful....


To which I replied, "You are actually being quite kind. I could have suggested a far more caustic term. But that is just the point of all of this stuff. It is meant to wake people up from their PASSIVITY to the abuse of power that is being displayed across the land by the 'power elites' of the Boomer


And then I went on to explain what I meant by forwarding an essay that I had previously sent to naval officers who had objected to my 'labeling' the Boomer generation for the conduct of the few in that generation whom I call the 'power elites' of the Boomer generation. That essay can be viewed at the Power Elites link.

In several e-mails after that, you responded to my urgings to read the essays on my Web Site by saying, "I am a former USMC aviator 88-99 and I don't give a hoot about what you have to say or what's on your web site. Your extreme paranoia is scary. Clinton is gone, Tailhook has been over since 1991, MOVE ON...With the exception of a few, women and minorities have served with honor. Your electronic display of the U.S. flag is despicable!"

It is in the spirit of answering your latest criticism that I venture a straightforward answer -- in hopes that you might be persuaded to at least open your eyes to what I have been trying to do. I am guided in this endeavor by Justice Clarence Thomas of the U.S. Supreme Court, one of my American heroes as a result of his standing up to the radical feminists who tried to ambush him during his Senate confirmation hearings. In a recent speech, (Wash. Times, 2/15/01), a summary of which is posted at the Thomas Speech link.

Justice Thomas encouraged all Americans to 'Be Not Afraid.' This admonition, made to remind us of our responsibilities as American citizens, entreats us to have the courage of our convictions in supporting the civic principles on which the Founding Fathers constructed our Constitutional Republic.

His entreaty holds for both you and me. For me, it means that I should continue to give truth the light of day even though it may seem improbable to you and others who have not yet caught on. For you, and others who express the same views as you have above, it means that you must have the courage to at least open your eyes and read the materials (based on mainstream texts) that expose a truth that you, of all people, should understand.

Why do I say, "You, of all people?" Because at least three million of us Americans fought a war in Vietnam that was one of the two major 'battles' of the Cold War. We fought that battle against those who had taken action on the dictates of Karl Marx and spread Communism to over 40% of the earth's surface. And now that we have 'won the Cold War,' many of us have come to realize that there was a far broader and deeper war going on.

In a simple sentence summary, ‘Anonymous’, we learned that while we were fighting and winning the Cold War abroad (by fighting in, and/or otherwise deploying to God-forsaken hostile places), we were losing a 'culture' war to the intellectual followers of the writings of Karl Marx back home.

Indeed, I have had the singular opportunity to have witnessed both of those 'wars,' first hand. In the hot war, being shot at every other day or so in the skies over North Vietnam while operating off the deck of the USS Ranger on Yankee Station and in the culture war at the University of Michigan during the counter-culture revolution in the late-1960s and early-1970s. So, I know from first hand experience that the written material I have collected from mainstream texts and other research is true -- I saw it happening.

You are not alone, however, in your views. Many American citizens, including more than a few officers in the U.S. armed forces share your skepticism. For example, see the Hollow Force Debate on this Web Site.

So, why do I single you out for special attention? I do so for two reasons. First, I do so because America has been enriched in its past by immigrants from foreign lands where their freedoms were severely restricted. This enrichment continues to this day. America has profited by this process. Nearly all of us here are either immigrants or descendents of immigrants.

But more importantly, I single you out because more is expected of you than of others, including those who were born here. Let me explain. Balint Vazsonyi, an American of Hungarian ancestry, came to this country in the 1950s. He had lived in Hungary as a child under Nazi occupation and under the Stalinist Communists as a young man. He knew well what it meant to have lost individual freedoms.

Mr. Vazsonyi has written a book, "America's 30 Years War: Who is Winning?" My review of this book is on my Web Site at the Vazsonyi Review link.

The point is this. Those of us who have lived in the United States of America all of our lives often take for granted the great gift of freedom for which our ancestors fought and died. And we are renewed in our awe and wonder of what the Founding Fathers bequeathed us when 'foreigners' migrate to our shores and tell us what those gifts are -- from practical experience of living under governments based on the antithesis of our founding principles. Vazsonyi, a world-renowned concert pianist and the Director of the Center for the American Founding, is one such giant of a human being to have done so. He continues to instruct us, in newsprint and on his Web Site at:

But, what does this have to do with you, ‘Anonymous’, the little boy who immigrated to the shores of this great nation, as did Balint Vazsonyi and became a singular success story? It is just this. You came to America, fleeing the grasp of a Communist dictatorship which imprisoned your father and subjected him to 13 years of 're-education.' The same indoctrination that was so effective when used by the Chinese Communists on our young GIs who were captured by the enemy during the Korean War. You should know, as your father obviously must, the cruel mind-games that were played by his Communist 'facilitators.'

So, why are you so 'closed minded' when it comes to looking at the evidence that those very same techniques of 'behavior control' have been and are being used in the United States of America by people who have become experts at manipulating peoples behavior? They are powerful techniques. They work. And they were discovered by Americans during World War II at the same time they were discovered by the British and the Soviets. So why is it so disturbing to you when someone (me) points out to you that Kurt Lewin, the 'father' of 'sensitivity training' in America, was associated with a Marxist group, the intellectuals of the Frankfurt School, who became the intellectual foundation for the counter-culture revolution in America in the mid-1960s? All of this is on my Web Site, which you refuse to visit.

Why is it so difficult for you to open your eyes to the fact that our culture now is immersed in the 'sensitivity training' methods which were first used by the Soviet and Chinese Communists. And these T-group methods were also developed right here -- in the good old USA. And they are being used on us. From our K-12 public schools, to the 'feminization' and to the 'open homosexualization' of the U.S. military to even prosecutors in our court system. Just open the N.Y. Times or any other national newspaper and you will read of the frequency of these occurrences. All of this is on my Web Site, which you refuse to visit.

Why is it so difficult for you to understand that a group of German Marxist intellectuals migrated to this country in 1933 to escape Hitler's rising power and became the intellectual force behind the counter-culture revolution of the mid-1960s on our nation's campuses? This information is right out there in our mainstream book stores. Why is it so hard for you to see that those 'cultural Marxists' actually existed? They mixed Marx with Freud, captured the imagination of the 'elite' Boomers who came of age during that time, demonstrated against the Vietnam War, and carried out the Women's Liberation movement and the New Left political movement.

Why is it so hard for you to understand that those young Boomer-generation 'revolutionaries' became 'foot soldiers' for Herbert Marcuse ('Make Love, Not War'), Eric Fromm ('Escape From Freedom'), Wilhelm Reich, Theodor Adorno and others of the Frankfurt School? All of this is out there in the mainstream American press. Just go to Borders Books, Barnes & Noble, or and read about them. I have posted essays on my Web Site which show you the way to this valuable resource material.

So, why do we expect more of you? Because you owe it to the American people to let them know that from which you fled. We expect you to recognize and know the similarities among the methods the North Vietnamese Communists used in your father's 're-education' during his 13-year imprisonment and those to which you were exposed while in the U.S. military. We expect you to 'tell us' about this stuff. And if you don't know about 'this stuff' on our end, open your eyes man. Carry out your responsibilities as Justice Thomas entreats you to do. Visit my damn Web Site! You will find all of this described there -- in multi-referenced detail.

Yes, ‘Anonymous’, there is a cost you pay for American citizenship. And that cost is responsibility to educate the American people of the nature of the beast from which you and your family fled. You, your father, and your family are better equipped to inform us of this 'loss of freedom' than any other recent survivors of Marxist tyranny. You owe it to us.

You also owe it to the more than 58,000 dead whose names are on the Wall -- the Vietnam War Memorial. You owe it to the millions who served in that war and you owe it to the tens of thousands of veterans who will see this letter via its posting on my Web Site. In fact, you will probably hear from some of them. I hope they will be as considerate and deliberate as I have tried to be. If some are not, please forgive them -- they paid one hell of a price for your 'opportunity' to live here and succeed in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Now, just live up to their sacrifice for you, your father, your family and your former countrymen. Dump on us if you wish. But, for God's sake open your eyes and keep an open mind.

Best Regards,


P.S.: And one other thing. You did not come here as a 'minority' and you did not come here as a protector of 'women.' You came here as an American -- period. We accepted you as an American (without a hyphen), not as a member of some minority grouping. We did not expect you to immediately 'join' some 'preferred group' of hyphenated-Americans. If you open your eyes and your mind, you may even come to understand that the current 'civil war' in America (see my reporting on the recent presidential election) is all about these alien ideas of what is a 'right' and what is a 'privilege' as it pertains to who should serve in our nation's armed forces -- and the purpose of the U.S. military. This 'civil war' is all about a RESITANCE to the 'cultural Marxist' revolution that has been carried out by the 'power elites' of the Boomer generation since the mid-1960s. We may, as some modern liberals contend, have 'lost' the Vietnam War abroad, but we will not lose the 'culture war' at home to the Marxists within.

P.P.S.: As to your comment that my Web Site's "...electronic display of the U.S. flag is despicable!," let me inform you of the text that accompanied that display. It explains that the upside-down American flag is an internationally recognized 'signal of distress on the high seas.' Had you taken the time to read that text, you would have understood that message. But you did not read the text. That, my dear Mr. ‘Anonymous’, is not despicable, just deplorable (you see, I can be kinder and gentler in my criticism of those with whom I disagree). Why so? Because it demonstrates that, while you congratulate yourself on your 'excellent communication skills,' you show that it does not include the art of LISTENING. It is, indeed, deplorable that one so (self-proclaimed) gifted is, in fact, incapable of keeping an open mind. The important point is, Mr. ‘Anonymous,’ you should have spent more time digesting and criticizing my IDEAS instead of carrying out an ad hominem, personal attack on me.

The former is the gift of Western civilization. The latter is a tactic that was used by the National Socialists and the Bolshevik Socialists of the 20th century (and their mutant Marxist offspring in the U.S. today) -- those who took what Vazsonyi calls 'the Franco-German way.' You, of all people, should understand that truth.

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