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The Ambidextral Gunfighter shows how anyone can become ambidextrous.

AmbGun Concerto: Every Clip has a Purpose

(besides meshing with the soundtrack)
Use of terrain for steadiest hold (see Why Become Ambidextrous)Misuse of cover (see Why Become Ambidextrous)Balance for diving One handed and left handed to deal with obstacles (see Why Become Ambidextrous)Left and right transitionsOne handed and left handed to deal with balance (see Why Become Ambidextrous)One handed to handle baseball slide (see Why Become Ambidextrous)Binden Aiming ConceptGun flat for diving into coverRice Paddy prone, squattingThumbs forward gripBalance for one handed rifleRespiratory pause, resetFollow target to groundMuzzle flash in low lightLeft hand primaryAmbidextral Lever GunBoth eyes openTransition behind cover to train eyesMDR left right transition methodBalance for one hand free climbingBaseball slideAmbi selector switchInjured knee, kneel instead of squatData on Personal EquipmentOptic vs bore axis failRight hand, sub-compact PF9Deployment from sling carryHasty sling demoBalance for one and left handed ladder dragLoop Sling AQT slow fire proneNatural Point of Aim shiftJasperDislike bipodsTactile weapon manipulation (YouTube channel, Tire Iron's drill) Not supposed to look.AQT left and rightFree range VickiLeft hand, sub-compact PF9Turkey neck cheek weldGun up thru coverErgo bolt releaseCommunicateHandgun recoil management/grip slip, grip reacquireCoordinate (and eliminate)Escape from Tarkov view of MDRAR mag changeFree State Wyoming, lower cortisol levelsMDR bolt release ergosMDR rapid fireAR mag change slower than MDR beepAirsoft for backyard ambi point shootingFrom the Paintball airfield ambidextrous lessons...To the Ambidextral Gunfighter Proving GroundsCheek slapAQT sitting drillImperial Age Imperial Age Legacy of Atlantis

Cast of Firearms (in order of first appearance)Desert Tech MDR 7.62 NATOWalther PPQ M1 ClassicBCM RECCEH&K VP9FN FNS9cKel-Tec PF9
Thanks for showing the way on the trail. Bummer I missed the crash (what little I got is at the end of the video).