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Here are some long time favorites. Those items from Amazon will send a small percentage our way for Ambidextral Advocacy...trying to keep my losses for this endeavor to a minimum. This is not an auto-generated Amazon list of items, but items I have purchased and like very much.

$400 obo

For Sale. RARE and highly desirable copy of "The World" in Peril" by Ken White . Second Edition Revised.

Features Ernest Shackleton like survival stories, hurdles faced in establishing the Arctic Strategic Air Command, and the warnings of Earth Cataclysm cycles.

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Used "Acceptable" copy on Amazon for $3800

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The one, must have, book on gunfighting.
Get FREE access to the book, Elliott Wave Principle. The key to retiring early and buying more guns and ammo. Highly recommended.
Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer
Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer
2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip
Hill People Gear Waxed Canvas Original Kit Bag
ClipDraw Trigger Sheath Trigger Guard Ruger LCP
ClipDraw Trigger Sheath Trigger Guard
BORAII Eagle Pocket Holster for KEL-TEC PF9
BORAII Eagle Pocket Holster for Ruger LCP
HAZARD 4 Tonto Concealed-Carry Mini-Messenger Bag
HAZARD 4 Tonto Concealed-Carry Mini-Messenger Bag
UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling Pack
MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat
5.11 Tactical Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve. While I prefer an Eberlestock pack with scabbard, this is a pretty good way to add a "scabbard" to your backpack.
Eberlestock X2 Pack. Pair with a rifle scabbard.
Eberlestock Tactical Weapon Carrier
Eberlestock H1 Mini Me Hydration Pack. My favorite daypack. Pair with a rifle scabbard.
Gun Magnet [2-Pack] | 30 lbs Rated
Allen Company Brass Shotgun & Rifle Wall Hanger Kit
J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight
Klarus E1 1000 lumen EDC flashlight with terrific tail switch.
Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak First Aid Kit with QuikClot Sponge
QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge
SAM Rolled Splint 36"
MediTac Premium IFAK Kit
Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff
High Visibility Safety Vest
Peltor Sport SecureFit Eye Protection
Bunkerkings Fly Compression Elbow Pads. Exceptionally light. Excellent breathability. Just enough padding, not too much to hinder steady hold factors. Ambidextral Gunfighter Review.
Firefly The Complete Series
Modules For Manhood -- What Every Man Must Know (Volume 1 of 3)
Modules For Manhood -- What Every Man Must Know (Volume 2 of 3)
Modules For Manhood -- What Every Man Must Know (Volume 3 of 3)
ESEE Knives JUNGLAS-E, Junglas Fixed Blade Knife
Gerber Applegate Covert Knife
Gerber Mini Covert FAST Knife
Sentry Tuf Glide Dry Film Rust Inhibitor
Sentry TUF Cloth Dry Film Rust Inhibitor
Sentry Tuf Hi Slip Grease Nano Moly Lubricant
Sentry Tuf Armorer’s Kit
303 Aerospace Protectant, UV Protectant
BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor and Waterproof Lubrication
TOUGH-GRID 550lb Paracord/Parachute Cord
LEATHERMAN - Crunch Multitool
US GI Canvas Sling
Magpul QD Quick-Disconnect Sling Swivel
Magpul M-LOK QD Quick-Disconnect Sling Mount
Uncle Mike's SS BL Nickel Quick Detach Sling Swivels
Scala Men's Crushable Wool Outback Hat
Kick Eez Eez Cheek-Eez 3/16"
Walther PPQ Airsoft
ACOG. Terrific optic. How to fix Horrific mounting nuts.
.380 ACP Training Laser Cartridge
9mm Luger Training Laser Cartridge
Laser Training Cartridge .40 S&W
Laser Training Cartridge 45 ACP
7.62 x 39mm Laser Training Cartridge
7.62 x 51mm Nato Laser Training Cartridge
.338 Lapua Mag Laser Training Cartridge
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
Hunter's Specialties Camo Spray Paint Kit
Burris FastFire III
Glock 9mm Dummy Rounds
The Socionomic Theory of Finance
Wyoming Traders Cody CCW Vest