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Training & Weapons Development

The Mossberg MC1sc, Springfield Armory Hellcat, Glock 43, KelTec PF9, Sig Sauer P365XL and KelTec P17 all compete in the Ambidextral Gunfighter Bloody Hands evaluation. Unanimous agreement on the winner. Extended, post evaluation, round table discussion on each of the competitors. Flaws and virtues identified.
KelTec P17 1000 Rounds100 rounds of "Remington" 5 malfs 350 rounds of CCI Mini Mag 0 malfs 600 rounds of CCI AR Tactical 0 malfs
The Ambidextral Gunfighter perspective on the Sig Sauer 365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat. Battle of the micro 9mm's. Rounds per Size & Weight Spreadsheet Springfield Armory Hellcat Series Sentry Solutions Tuf Glide Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back Glock 9mm Dummy Rounds
How well can you operate your pistol with slick, blood covered hands? Does grip texture make a difference? How good are your pistol's slide serrations?
Springfield Armory Hellcat salutes the Grumman F6F Hellcat F6F Hellcat at War by Cory Graff Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back Rounds per Size & Weight Spreadsheet Springfield Armory Hellcat Public domain Video Footage of F6F Hellcat

Self Defense Handgun Fighter / Carrying for Self Defense

Should you Carry?

11:28How it limits youTim Larkin. Social vs asocial violence (When Violence is the Answer)The Psychology of Self Esteem.Social MetaphysicsObligation to shed insultsHonor in exhibiting restraintPick up gun, put down ego

You Just Killed Your Daughter

7:59An exercise in imagining the horrific.Google Doc Worksheet
7:15Keep your muzzle in a safe directionKeep your finger off the trigger.
12:40How to handle firearms at a gun store.
Do not be this poser...

Course Preview

2:40Should you carrySafetyGun mysticsWhere it happens against the fanPhysiological responseAmbidextral PistolPoint shootingAmbiGate PistolRuger American Compact 9Life full context


3:45Treat all guns as if loaded. Do not point at another human being, because even if you have first hand knowledge the weapon is unloaded, they do not and so may justifiably shoot you.Finger off trigger. Spray bottleChamber checkLaser drill

Gun mystics

8:40Car traveling at 100 fps vs rock thrown at 100fps...300fps, 800fps, 1200fps, 2500fps.Prefer gunshot every timeCrossing highway, crossing gun rangeMoviesSomeone tries to kill you, you kill 'em right back.

Where it happens against the fan

13:21Self-Defense is fighting vs target shootingLow lightClose rangeCan pistol even be brought into fightObstaclesNo range master, no refereeNo matNo tap outLack of knowledge as to opponents weapons skillsBongino quoteStating the obvious?

Physiological response to Incoming fire and threats to life.

3:55CrouchVisual focus on threatCoarse muscle controlConvulsive gripTunnel visionAuditory exclusion

Ambidextral pistol

6:59Better use of coverWhy left hand should be primaryCar DriverMotorcycle ThrottlePunch & ShoveKnifeManipulate PhoneOpen DoorsMaintain BalanceClimbDivingChildren.

Ambidextral Applegate, Rex AmbiGate

11:36Point shooting techniqueAmbi trainingBullseyes Don't Shoot Back by Rex ApplegateKill or Get Killed by Rex ApplegateShooting to Live Fairbairn and Sykes

The AmbiGate/Appledextral Pistol

20:11Size and weightCapacity, rounds per ounceHow many rounds needed?Average number of rounds fired in gunfightProbability of use. Probability of brandishing. Probability of firing. All Low.Perfect mirroringOpportunity Costs (see walkthru video below) is my disagreement with:ZeroHedge on GlocksZeroHedge Glock ModsEDC Medical Gear: On-Body Carry Methods & Tools highlights a key theme of this series. Excellent.

Ruger American Compact 9mm

19:17Mag release mirrored, but opposed.Slide release stop mirroredOptional safety mirrored.42 rounds per ounceTrigger achieves the exact bad example I gave in The Ambidextral Gunfighter. I thought I was making a point by describing an extremely silly situation.


Walther PPQ M1 Classic

27:21European paddle mag release perfectly mirrored, not opposedSlide release mirrored and well leveredSize and weight top four composite score.61 rounds per ounce Trigger...diverge from other reviewers

Ambi Perfection

Life full context...other factors that play a role in enhancing your life.

10:14DietPhysical fitness (The Tactical Games)AEDCarried by 12? Judged by 6.

Ambidextral Gunfighter Review of iTarget Pro

8:22Take your dry fire practice to a whole new level with the iTarget Pro laser cartridgeAvailable with a target and phone stand, but I find that a camera tripod works as well when using the smartphone scoring app. iTarget smartphone Scoring App is available on iOS and AndroidBase app includes the basic bullseye target and scoringOptional is the QuickDraw app that features a shoot timer and silhoutte target for $5No recoil so like a dummy round drill to eliminate flinch380, 9mm, 40, 45 and 5.56 are offered. No 7.62...yet. Safety and paranoiaSo much fun that you will likely find your weapon “out of service” with the laser cartridge left in place. One bad habit...manually racking slide after each shotReset DrillEach cartridge has centering o-rings that help hold the cartridge in place. The case is rimless so that it will not eject when cocking the weapon. To remove the cartridge will require a cleaning rod.This is an amazing tool for practicing your draw from holster, ambidextrous manipulation and point shooting.. Highly highly recommended.
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Hill People Gear Runners Bag

7:46Weapon pocketUse in Mountain BikingStabilitySweatConstruction
Why the Kel-Tec PF9 is my CCW instead of the Ambidextral PPQIn a previous review, I call the Walther PPQ M1 Classic THE Ambidextral Pistol...yet, for daily carry I still favor the Kel-Tec PF9. Why?.55 rounds per ounce
15:19Ambidextral Gunfighter review of the HK VP9. A solid alternative to the PPQ, if the right side slide release works..59 rounds per ounce
17:48In 2020 HK has upgraded the VP9 from 15 rounds to 17 rounds. Thus greatly advancing in my Rounds (or kinetic energy) per Size & Weight 9mm Pistol spreadsheet. The top Ambidextral Pistol.
.67 rounds per ounce
10:49BORAII pocket holsters combined with a compact and light 9mm pistol means you will have a weapon with you when you need it...instead of it remaining behind on the nightstand.
29:45A neck 'n neck battle between two 15 round, 9mm pistols.
VP9Best Paddle Magazine ReleaseExceptional TriggerBest grip feelAdequate left hand slide release
PPQExceptional TriggerBest Trigger resetBest ambi slide releaseLightest
4:56HK VP9 right side (left handed) slide release disapoints.
17:51The Ambidextral Gunfighter Doing Science The "Fulcrum Grip" vs "Thumbs Forward"
12:55FNS9c, A fashionable companion to the MDR? They certainly look nice together. Can a button mag release pistol earn the Ambidextral Gunfighter green checkmark? .51 rounds per ounce
15:32Trigger is improving greatly and some improvement in the right side (left handed) slide release.
Scala Men's Crushable Wool Outback Hat
Wyoming Traders Mens Cody Concealed Carry Tan Vest
Walther PPQ Spring Powered 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun

FNS9c Breaks Striker Tip

1:46FNS9c stops going bang after 300 rounds of live fire and approximately 1200 rounds dry/laser fire.
Notice on disassembly that there was no striker return spring. That could be expected to lead to premature striker failure.
Was the spring not installed during manufacture or was the pistol disassembled at some point when on display at Sportsman's Warehouse in Gillette, WY.
Slide and striker parts. This WAS to be my wife's next CCW. She decided she's no longer interested.
Striker missing tip. I don't recollect any evidence of primer drag.

Early Ambidextral Pistol

Kel-Tec PF9. Compact and Lightweight.
Holster and Carry Options
My early experiments with ambidextrous pistol shooting using the Ruger 22/45.
Target is the exceptional Action Target Rimfire Dueling Tree.

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