Ambidextral Pistol

Training & Weapons Development

Forthcoming Ten Part Video Series (beginning August 2019)

Should you CCW?

    1. How it limits you
    2. Tim Larkun. Social vs asocial violence
    3. Obligation to shed insults
    4. Honor in exhibiting restraint
    5. Keep these images in mind when evaluating lethal self defense...justified.
      1. Dig eye out of skull
      2. Knee drop to back of neck
      3. Crush skull with stone
    6. If you want to throw down over insults, leave the gun at home.


    1. Treat all guns as if loaded. Do not point at another human being, because even if you have first hand knowledge the weapon is unloaded, they do not and so may justifiably shoot you.
    2. Finger off trigger. Spray bottle
    3. Chamber check
    4. Laser drill

Gun mystics

    1. Car traveling at 100 fps vs rock thrown at 100fps...300fps, 800fps, 1200fps, 2500fps.
    2. Crossing highway, crossing gun range
    3. Prefer gunshot every time
    4. Movies
    5. Someone tries to kill you, you kill 'em right back.

Where it happens against the fan

    1. Self-Defense is fighting vs target shooting
    2. Low light
    3. Close range
    4. Can pistol even be brought into fight
    5. Obstacles
    6. No range master, no referee
    7. No mat
    8. No tap out
    9. Bongino quote
    10. Stating the obvious?
    11. Lack of knowledge as to opponents weapons skills

Physiological response to Incoming fire and threats to life.

    1. Crouch
    2. Visual focus on threat
    3. Coarse muscle control
    4. Convulsive grip
    5. Tunnel vision
    6. Auditory exclusion

Ambidextral pistol

    1. Better use of cover
    2. Weak hand as primary
      1. Car driver
      2. Motorcycle throttle
      3. Punch
      4. Shove
      5. Manipulate phone
      6. Open doors
      7. Maintain balance
      8. Climb
      9. Diving
      10. Children

Ambidextral Applegate, Rex AmbiGate

    1. Point shooting technique
    2. Ambi training

The AmbiGate Pistol

    1. Size and weight
    2. Capacity, rounds per ounce
    3. How many rounds needed?
    4. Average number of rounds fired in gunfight
    5. Probability of use. Probability of brandishing. Probability of firing. All Low.
    6. Perfect mirroring

Ruger American Compact 9mm

    1. Mag release mirrored
    2. Slide release mirrored
    3. Optional safety mirrored

Life full context...other factors that play a role in preserving you life.

    1. Diet
    2. Physical fitness (The Tactical Games)
    3. AED

Perfectly mirrored slide release. Perfectly mirrored magazine release.
Forthcoming is my own introduction to the Applegate method with a modification...I argue for shooting with your "weak" hand. Details coming soon.
Kel-Tec PF9. Compact and Lightweight.
Holster and Carry Options
My early experiments with ambidextrous pistol shooting using the Ruger 22/45.
Target is the exceptional Action Target Rimfire Dueling Tree.